The time of the most recent update is 9:30am EDT, September 17, 2020. Kiss, David Lee RothRun dates: February 1 – October 3Status: Rescheduled to 2021, Bad Omens, Oh, Sleeper, Thousand Below, BloodlineRun dates: February 13 – March 28Status: canceled as of March 13, While She Sleeps, He Is Legend, Savage HandsRun dates: February 13 – March 17Status: He Is Legend dropped off March 13, Black Label Society, Obituary, Lord DyingRun dates: February 26 – March 28Status: postponed, rescheduled to August 2020, then rescheduled again to July/August 2021, Overkill, ExhorderRun dates: February 26 – March 14Status: canceled as of March 13, Today is the DayRun dates: February 26 – April 5Status: canceled as of March 14, Devin TownsendRun dates: February 27 – March 25Status: postponed as of March 12. Just in Time for Passover: Big Four Yarmulkes?!?! May 21 2021. But there are asterisks. Eye Collage Long Sleeve Tee BUY . Also includes Fear Factory, Mr. Bungle, Symphony X, and more. Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, I Prevail, Ice Nine Kills, Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Knocked Loose, Fit For a King.

1349Run dates: May 13 – 16Status: canceled, Uncle Acid & the DeadbeatsRun dates: May 14 – June 7Status: postponed as of April 4, canceled as of June 10, JourneyRun dates: May 15 – September 12Status: canceled as of May 6, Black N’ Blue BowlRun dates: May 16 – May 17Status: postponed until September 5-6, P.O.D.Run dates: May 18 – 21Status: postponed, Symphony X, Primal Fear, FirewindRun dates: May 14 – June 17Status: postponed until 2021, dates TBA, Sonic Temple (festival, Columbus, OH)Run dates: May 15 – May 17Status: canceled as of March 23, Acid Witch, Elder, Primitive Man, RingwormRun dates: May 20 – June 7Status: rescheduled to November/December, Rocklahoma (festival)Run dates: May 20 – May 24Status: canceled, Caligula’s Horse, Moon Tooth, EbonivoryRun dates: May 22 – June 20Status: Postponed to Jan/Feb 2021 as of March 22, Maryland DeathfestRun dates: May 22 – 25Status: canceled as of March 27, 90% of bands rebooked for 2021 festival, System of a Down, Korn, Faith No MoreRun dates: May 22 – 23Status: rescheduled to May 21 and 22, 2021, Primus, Wolfmother, The SwordRun dates: May 26 – July 3Status: postponed to 2021 as of May 1, new dates announced, Slipknot, A Day to Remember, Underoath, Code OrangeRun dates: May 30 – June 25Status: canceled as of May 13, Ratt, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Skid Row, SlaughterRun dates: June 3 – June 14, August 25 – September 19Status: June dates postponed as of April 22, full tour canceled as of June 15, Bonnaroo 2020 Featuring Tool, Primus, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Etc.Run dates: June 11 – 14Status: originally postponed until September 24 – 27, then canceled as of June 25, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium, In FlamesRun dates: June 12 – August 1, October 2 – November 13Status: rescheduled to summer 2021, Nu-Metal Revival Tour (Saliva, Powerman 5000, Adema, Flaw)Run dates: June 25 – July 26Status: still on, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett & The BlackheartsRun dates: June 18 – September 5Status: rescheduled to 2021, dates TBA, Firefly FestivalRun dates: June 18 – 21Status: canceled as of March 24, Nickelback, Stone Temple Pilots, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, SwitchfootRun dates: June 19 – October 3Status: canceled as of May 19, Godsmack, The Pretty RecklessRun dates: July/AugustStatus: canceled before it was even announced, Ministry, KMFDM, Front Line AssemblyRun dates: July 1- August 1Status: still on, Guns N’ RosesRun dates: July 4 – August 25Status: postponed until 2021, dates TBA, Sammy Hagar, Whitesnake, Night RangerRun dates: July 9 – September 20Status: still on, Fire in the Mountains (festival)Run dates: July 10 – July 12Status: canceled as of May 1, working on re-booking same bands for 2021, Inkcarceration (festival)Run dates: July 10 – 12Status: canceled as of May 1, Breaking Benjamin, Bush, Theory of Deadman, Saint Asonia, Cory MarksRun dates: July 15 – September 8Status: canceled as of May 19, Incubus, 311, BadflowerRun dates: July 15 – September 5Status: canceled as of May 19, Disturbed, Staind, Bad WolvesRun dates: July 15 – September 12Status: postponed until summer 2021 as of May 20; new dates here, Rock USA (festival)Run dates: July 16 – July 18Status: canceled, Deftones, Gojira, PoppyRun dates: July 27 – September 5Status: postponed to 2021 as of May 19, new dates for summer 2021 announced, ShinedownRun dates: July 31 – September 12Status: rescheduled from spring to summer, then canceled as of May 26, Korn, Faith No MoreRun dates: August 7 – September 17Status: canceled as of May 29, Psycho Las Vegas (festival)Run dates: August 14 – 16Status: postponed until 2021 with most bands re-booked, RammsteinRun dates: August 20 – September 27Status: postponed until 2021, new dates announced, AmarantheRun dates: August 20 – October 2Status: canceled as of June 9, Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Knocked Loose, Fit For a KingRun dates: August 21 – September 17Status: rescheduled to 2021, NightwishRun dates: September 8 – September 15Status: canceled, Judas PriestRun dates: September 9 – October 17Status: rescheduled to September/October 2021, My Chemical RomanceRun dates: September 9 – October 14Status: rescheduled to 2021, Amorphis, Entombed A.D., NervosaRun dates: September 11 – October 25Status: canceled as of May 10, Riot FestRun dates: September 11 – 13 Status: canceled as of June 16; 2021 edition to feature many of the same bands, ProgPower USA (festival)Run dates: September 11 – 13Status: rescheduled to September 8 – 11, 2021, Louder Than Life (festival)Run dates: September 18 – 20Status: canceled as of April 24, Def Leppard, ZZ TopRun dates: September 21 – October 18Status: still on, Eluveitie Run dates: September 21 – October 25Status: canceled as of May 26, NileRun dates: September 26 – November 14Status: still on, HammerfallRun dates: September/OctoberStatus: canceled as of May 6, Aftershock (festival)Run dates: October 9 – October 11Status: rescheduled to October 7 – October 10, 2021, Trans-Siberian OrchestraRun dates: November/December 2020Status: canceled as of August 22, Papa RoachRun dates: February 16 – March 18Status: March 13-18 canceled as of March 12, I PrevailRun dates: February 20 – March 28Status: canceled as of March 13, Belphegor, Suffocation, HateRun dates: February 22 – March 27Status: canceled, After the Burial, Make Them Suffer, Polar, SpiritboxRun dates: February 28 – March 21Status: all dates March 12 and later canceled, KvelertakRun dates: Feb 29 – March 22Status: canceled as of March 12, PoppyRun dates: MarchStatus: initially rescheduled to November and December 2020, then canceled entirely as of August 24, Decapitated, Beyond Creation, Ingested, Lorna Shore, VisceraRun dates: March 2 – March 28Status: will run through March 15 in Birmingham, then will end, EmperorMarch 14, Moscow, RUStatus: Postponed until September 5, Car BombRun dates: March 8 – March 28Status: canceled as of March 13, TorcheRun dates: March 12 – April 16Status: canceled as of March 11, Prognosis (festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands)Run dates: March 20 – 21Status: canceled as of March 12, rescheduled to September 4 – September 5, William DuVall (Alice in Chains)Run dates: March 25 – April 30Status: canceled as of March 13, Cattle Decapitation, Disentomb, Internal Bleeding, GloomRun dates: March 27 – April 17Status: Postponed, Lamb of God, Kreator, Power Trip Run dates: March 27 – April 25Status: canceled as of March 13, rescheduled for 2021, Igorrr, Author & PunisherRun dates: March 27 – April 29Status: canceled March 16 and rescheduled to January/February 2021, Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Stick to Your Guns, Venom PrisonRun dates: April 1 – April 18Status: “several shows affected” as of March 12, postponed as of March 19 to December, Evanescence, Within TemptationRun dates: April 4 – May 1Status: postponed as of March 13, rescheduled to September/October, then rescheduled to 2021, Inferno (festival, Oslo, NO)Run dates: April 9 – April 12Status: canceled as of March 12, The Acacia Strain, Left Behind, Leeched, Mental CrueltyRun dates: April 16 – April 26Status: canceled as of March 13, Machine HeadRun dates: April 19 – June 6Status: canceled as of March 11, rescheduled to October and November, canceled entirely as of July 31, KhemmisRun dates: April 23 – May 2Status: postponed as of March 31, Corrosion of Conformity, Spirit AdriftRun dates: April 25 – May 16Status: canceled as of March 27, rescheduled dates TBD spring 2021, Guns N’ RosesRun dates: May 20 – June 27Status: canceled as of May 11, YobRun dates: May 20 – May 30Status: postponed as of March 26, RammsteinRun dates: May 25 – August 4Status: postponed on May 8, rescheduled to 2021, Judas PriestRun dates: May 30 – July 28Status: rescheduled to May through July 2021, KornRun dates: May/JuneStatus: rescheduled to 2021, Faith No MoreRun dates: June/JulyStatus: rescheduled to 2021, Motionless in WhiteRun dates: JuneStatus: canceled, August Burns RedRun dates: JuneStatus: canceled as of April 21, Alter BridgeRun dates: June 12 – July 9Status: canceled as of June 9, Tuska (festival)Run dates: June 26 – June 28Status: canceled, IncubusRun dates: JuneStatus: postponed to 2021, Iron MaidenRun dates: June, July 2020Status: canceled as of May 6, European tour rescheduled to summer 2021, The Black Dahlia MurderRun dates: July/AugustStatus: canceled, Alien WeaponryRun dates: JuneStatus: canceled, High on FireRun dates: all dates in 2020Status: canceled as of April 21, VolbeatRun dates: June 2 – July 7Status: still on, Rock Am Ring (festival)Run dates: June 5 – June 7Status: canceled as of April 14, rescheduled with many of the same bands to 2021 as of June 10, Rock Im Park (festival)Run dates: June 5 – June 7Status: canceled as of April 14, rescheduled with many of the same bands to 2021 as of June 10, HellfestRun dates: June 19 – June 21Status: postponed to 2021, Download FestivalRun dates: June 12 – June 14Status: canceled, Fu ManchuRun dates: June 13 – 27, September 24 – October 14Status: still on, Bang Your Head (festival)Run dates: July 16 – July 18Status: canceled as of April 14, Bloodstock (festival)Run dates: August 6 – August 9Status: more bands added on April 7, festival finally postponed until 2021 on May 4 with an extra day added, Wacken Open Air (festival)Run dates: July 30 – August 1Status: canceled as of April 15, Rage Against the MachineRun dates: August 28 – September 10Status: still on, Epica, ApocalypticaRun dates: October 21 – December 17Status: rescheduled to 2021, Battle BeastRun dates: November 11 – December 5Status: canceled, Nightwish, AmorphisRun dates: November / DecemberStatus: rescheduled to May 2021, Lacuna CoilRun dates: March 13 – 27Status: canceled as of March 5, DeftonesRun dates: March 15 – 23Status: canceled as of March 13, SlipknotRun dates: March 20 – March 29Status: canceled as of March 5, Knotfest Japan rescheduled to January 10 and 11, 2021, more dates rescheduled for January, CarcassRun dates: March 20 – March 28Status: canceled as of March 13, TriviumRun dates: March 2020Status: canceled as of March 5, Suicide SilenceRun dates: March 21 – April 5Status: canceled as of March 7, My Chemical RomanceRun dates: March 20 – March 28Status: Japan dates canceled as of March 12, Live, Bush, Stone Temple PilotsRun dates: April 2020Status: rescheduled to February and March 2021, Iron MaidenRun dates: May 2020Status: postponed, Life of Agony, DoyleRun dates: May 20 – May 23Status: postponed, rescheduled to fall, dates TBA, Steel Panther, SevendustRun dates: May 20 – May 26Status: rescheduled to February 2021, Chelsea WolfeRun dates: JuneStatus: rescheduled to June 2021, Guns N’ RosesRun dates: March 14 – April 11Status: Rescheduled for November 8 – December 6, Heaven & Hell (festival, Mexico City, MX)Run dates: March 14 – March 15Status: still on, Metallica, Greta Van FleetRun dates: April 2020Status: rescheduled to December 2020, Domination (festival, Mexico City, MX)Run dates: May 1 – May 2Status: canceled as of March 24.

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