Check in conveniently for your next flight from home or the office. I will want it back . In some cases, this results from deliberate attempts to translate the vision of designers and marketers into a product that can help consumers express key emotions. This week, Vogue reminds us of Rana Plaza and offers small solutions, Lufthansa’s Rebranding to Premium Identity, Book: Fashion Marketing and Communication, Established in 1955, Lufthansa is one of the leading airlines in Europe and the world. ( Log Out /  The aided online poll was conducted among 24,000 participants from 68 countries aged between 17 and 78 who claimed to have traveled by plane at least one time during the past 24 months.

As a Lufthansa customer, enjoy exclusive benefits with our partners. The study is part of a larger study on corporate logos and branding penetration. Has the self image of the Lufthansa customer changed over the decades and will it morph in the near future?

Make your journey even more comfortable with our additional services. We followed this procedure for all of the 90 airlines. Click here to switch the origin and destination . For each of these two questions, participants had to choose between five options. I wonder if I will grow to like it as much as I did the egg-yolk-colours and will report on the effect in the near future. Sure, Swiss’ business class is a bit better, but ultimately these products still aren’t really competitive to the best out there.

Lufthansa business class.

With your personal Lufthansa Cargo iD, you can access all the services you need. Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas (2015). Your bookings and personal details at a glance. If you have a look below, you can see two mood boards of the Lufthansa as it was known in the last 30 years and its new visual identity. If not marked otherwise, data is from 2016. Based in Germany, with HQ in Frankfurt Airport, Lufthansa flies to more than 200 destinations in over 70 countries with an impressive fleet of close to 350 planes and is the largest European operator of the Airbus A380. Name of the airline (%) - Percentage of participants who knew (or guessed correctly in an aided question) the name of the airline. So, Lufthansa, what will it be? I could use up all the collected miles and spontaneously book flights to any place in the world – from Seattle to Cairo – with absolute trust towards the airline. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (…) It helps to differentiate from the competition, evokes strong product associations and category images. In order to conduct the study, we first identified the 92 most important airlines in terms of passenger transport and with data publicly available. Among the findings a clear, it was found that the Gulf airlines have an edge when it comes to branding, credibility, and desirability. With their proprietary and easy-to-use interactive logo maker app, users can create professional logos in minutes. Much like in humans, brands develop their personality with time, as they mature. In a second step, we ran an image-based aided online poll. I invite you to comment on the Lufthansa rebrandig and share your thoughts!

Your hotel from The 92 most important airlines in terms of passenger transport and with data publicly available.

Sage. Martin et Karczinski have apparently spent an awful lot of time working out the new identity, as you can see here. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Log in with your Miles & More login data. For example, Apple is cool, Hermes is elegant, and the Volkswagen Golf is understated. The goal of the questions was to understand the effect marketing, reputation of the airline and the country of origin may have on the desirability people may have to fly in it. Lufthansa and British Airways were the most recognized worldwide. “In marketing and branding, colours can have powerful effects.”, “Colors can alter the meanings of the objects or situations with which they are associated and color preferences can predict consumers’ behaviour. This week, however, Lufthansa introduced a new logo, identity, and livery designed in-house in collaboration with Munich-based Martin et Karczinski. (Interestingly, there is no adequate understanding of individualistic identity in collectivist cultures and languages, such as China and Japan.). Berlin, Germany June 11, 2018 - Design and branding team at,, produced a ranking which compares the top airlines worldwide with the aim to discover which has the best branding appeal and desirability. First of all, we showed the logo of an airline to the participants. However, it might also be the case of what happened to Japan Airlines: During some tumultuous business years, the airline changed its logo several times, only to revert back to a beloved retro-branding (the “tsuru” or Japanese crane) a few years ago. Yes is low cost (%) - Percentage of participants who considered the company to be a low budget airline.

Our hotel partner offers you a range of accommodation worldwide at the best price. Would like to fly on it (%) - Percentage of participants who would like to fly with the airline. Established in 1955, Lufthansa is one of the leading airlines in Europe and the world.

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