On the morning of 25 November, 1974, news reached Cobourg Place, Martyn’s home in Hastings, that Nick Drake had died at his family home in Tanworth-in-Arden from an overdose of antidepressants, a death deemed to be suicide by the coroner, though the verdict has been contested publicly by his family. He truly didn’t care if you were there or not.” He enjoyed company “as long as he could choose to come and go,” says Wheeler. At the time, he didn’t know it was about Drake, or indeed even who Drake was. A bad vibe and worse acid hung around the 600,000-strong festival, with Mitchell getting heckled – but she used a stretch of perfect songs to create a moment of harmony, The British and Irish folk scenes have been galvanised by acts that weave today’s politics into their traditional music. “It was as if John had said or done something that night that had really upset him,” she wrote. Beverley felt she shared at least some understanding of the pain Drake had been in.

In his eyes, it was the first time he’d ever failed at anything. “Nick was very honourable, and had the highest integrity,” says Wheeler. “I tried everything to wake Nick up,” says Danny Thompson. Introduced by their mutual friend Paul Wheeler, Martyn and Drake met for the first time in 1968, a year before the release of Drake’s debut album, Five Leaves Left. “I was in the middle of Nick and John, and I had a close relationship with both of them,” says Wheeler. If he and a friend were exchanging ideas on the guitar, that would stop.

“I never realised Nick Drake was ambitious until he confided to me that he was, and it took me greatly by surprise,” Martyn once told me. They both could tap into the really deep beauty in things.”. Ich trage dich wie einde Wunde auf meiner Stirn, die sich nicht schliesst. “He might have been outwardly different, but inwardly he and Nick were very, very similar.

“The day he got back, he rang me and sang Solid Air to me over the phone, unaccompanied.”, By now, Drake was increasingly withdrawn and taking antidepressants.

Als Sohn von Vater Dennis Graham und Mutter Sandi Graham erlangte er im Jahr 2020 als Musiker Berühmtheit zum Beispiel für So far gone, Take care. Returning from a visit to the pub, where he had observed his friend chatting up a barmaid, he called Martyn “devious” and refused to hug Beverley when he left.

A public schoolboy and son of a managing director, whose family home in Tanworth-in-Arden was sufficiently grand to come with a name attached – Far Leys – Drake had access to a social cachet that could neither be bought nor earned.

Tell that toEric Garner.

“He wasn’t at all uncomfortable or frightened of loving a man – not in a physical way – which was quite unusual in those days. Nick Drake often dropped in; he, Martyn, and Richard Thompson would play in each other’s company, but almost always individually rather than interacting with one another. Having bought Island Records, the company were keen to recoup losses on artists who had never sold any records. Nick and John loved one another. Nur manchmal pltzlich bin ich blind und spre “John was different from other people in Glasgow; he was very free,” says Linda Thompson. “Nick laughed a lot at John’s perceptive and witty comments,” Wheeler says. Martyn would twitch and mutter impatiently until Drake loped through to the living room. The lyrics of Mutter aren't explicit. What do you think of that?”, He was naturally competitive, but he was also attracted to Drake’s talent and the manner in which it contrasted with his own. We’d make jokes, take the piss and try to make him laugh. Blut im Munde. That really haunted John. John was completely the opposite.”. “I remember him just laughing, and I remember being totally disturbed at the time.

On first hearing about Nick’s death, I think he adopted the character of a tough guy who had no time for those who rejected help, probably as a defence mechanism to guard his own sensitivity and fear of isolation.”. Available for everyone, funded by readers, The comedian and first lady of folk discuss life in lockdown and the future of the arts. It offered a familial, nurturing camaraderie. “I realised how sensitive he was, and John was very good with him, very gentle. In the decades since Drake’s death in November 1974, the song has become a kind of requiem. The lyrics of Mutter aren't explicit. Speaking years later, Martyn said: “I laughed, for which my wife never forgave me. That visit was the last time Beverley saw Drake, although Martyn reportedly made a trip to Tanworth-in-Arden not long afterwards where, Martyn claimed, Drake disclosed disclosed the extent to which he felt he had failed with his musical career. But the song allows the listener the freedom to hear how he feels about it. There is no record of him attending the funeral on 2 December, and by the middle of the month he was back on the road. Drake was gentle and withdrawn and enigmatic, certainly, but the reverence around him obscures part of the picture. John did his usual, wiped the floor with him verbally, which was a tough thing to do to Nick – and they were the best of mates.

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